The lightness of kid mohair and silk

Our woven blankets are created from kid mohair and silk. The world’s purest mohair is found in the South African Karoo and is renowned for its luminous quality. Combined with the fine stroke of silk, it produces the softest and lightest of blankets in gorgeous colours with a natural, elegant lustre. 80% kid mohair, 20% silk 

Kid mohair silk blanket

Soft jacquard from merino and kid mohair

Fine, warming merino yarn is refined with kid mohair in the creation of our jacquard blankets and cushions. The result is an embracing product with radiant colours and subtle sheen. Our mulesing-free merino wool and kid mohair are both sourced from the South African Karoo region. 80% merino wool, 20% kid mohair 

Knitted merino blanket