Bohicket in der Deco Home 11/2018

11/2018 - DECO HOME: Style Check Bedroom

Bohicket cushion "Golden Stripes" is part of this classy pink bedroom composition. 

Bohicket in der Deco Home 06/2018

06/2018 - DECO HOME: Stripes! Why they are good for you

Space psychologist Uwe Linke says : The combination of stripes and colour gives a delightful and fresh appearance. 

Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen 05/2018

05/2018 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN: Home decor hacks for small spaces

Trend: Dark blue and mustard. Our plaid "Golden Horizon" adds a warm glow to dark blue interior designs.  

Inka Aniol Homestaging bei Bohicket 05/2018

05/2018 - INTERVIEW: Showroom visit of Inka Aniol

Inka and Johanna met at University, today they share a passion for interior design and have both become entrepreneurs in this field. Here is the interview.  

Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen 03/2018

03/2018 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN: Chances and improvements - More light, more space, more life!

Cold and grey outside? We don't care. We bring the sun into our home for example, with Bohicket's cushion "Golden Shadow" 

Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen Styling 01/2018

01/2018 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN Styling: New year, new colours

Riviera: Almost feels like summer holidays. Sunny pastel colours are flirting with golden brass accessories. 

Bohicket in der Homes and Gardens 03/2018

03/2018 - HOMES AND GARDENS: 55 trends for your home in spring

Light and soft: Exquisite materials and durability are one of the main of benefits of Bohickets throws and cushions.  

Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen 02/2018

02/2018 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN Extra: Creative use of space

These beautiful products are the perfect travel companions.  

Bohicket in der Textilrevue 02/2018

02/2018 - TEXTILREVUE trend report - Home textiles spring/summer 2018

Bohickets throws and jacquard cushions are surprisingly light and soft.  

Bohicket in der Zuhause Wohnen 02/2018

02/2018 - ZUHAUSE WOHNEN: This makes your rooms

Johanna Schulze-Smidt, founder of Bohicket, decorates her home with pieces that have a history.  

Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen 01/2018

01/2018 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN Deco Extra: Sensual, modern, cosy

Bohicket is one of the hightlights 2018! 

Bohicket in der Atrium 01/2018

01/2018 - ATRIUM, Heavenly

Atrium presents outstanding presents, fine fabrics and inspiring, warm interiors.  

Bohicket in der Deco Home 01/2018

01/2018 - Deco Home, Trends 2018

Into the wild. The rich colours of Bohickets collection "Landscapes of Karoo" create a cool exotic ambiance.  

Bohicket in der Couch 01/2018

01/2018 - COUCH, Party or realax - we do both

Bohickets soft cushion "Ruby Sunset Stripes" is the Best Choice for cuddling and showing of. 

Bohicket in der Möbel Kultur 01/2018

01/2018 - Möbel Kultur, Trends 2018

Landscapes in the net. 

Bohicket in der COUCH 12/2017

12/2017 - COUCH, Christmas ideas!

A warm embrace is the best christmas present, for example with Bohicket's knitted throw "Misty Summit". 

Bohicket in der GRAZIA 12/2017

12/2017 - GRAZIA, Ho Ho Hot

Bohicket throws for relaxing daydreams.  

Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen Styling 11/2017

11/2017 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN STYLING, Cosy up for winter!

See and feel the poetry of the desert with Bohickets collection "Landscapes of Karoo".  

Bohicket in der Living at Home 11/2017

11/2017 - LIVING AT HOME, My christmas

The magic of Africa. In the South African Karoo, Johanna Schulze-Smidt was inspired to create her collection of cushions and throws. 

Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen Schweiz 11/2017

11/2017 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN SCHWEIZ, Cosy Christmas

Looking forward to giving presents to your beloved ones? Schöner Wohnen Schweiz has selected some of the prettiest presents and Bohicktes cushions are amongs the top new products.  

Bohicket in der Annabelle 11/2017

11/2017 - ANNABELLE, Joyful anticipation

Inspired by the african semidesert Karoo, Johanna Schulze-Smidt created a collection of super soft and fleecy plaids and cushions made of mohair and merino. 

Bohicket in der HOME 11/2017

11/2017 - HOME, Fire and Flame

Bohickets products create a sunset-flair. 

Bohicket in der Raum und Wohnen 10/2017


Bohickets warming merino and kid mohair throws are perfect for a snuggly break on a grey autumn day. 

Bohicket in der Schweiz am Wochenende 09/2017


Under the blanket: Columnist Rahel Koerfgen was suffering from a bad cold when she discovered Bohicket.  

Bohicket in der Wohn!Design 03/2017

02/2017 - WOHN!DESIGN, Woher komme ich?

Strength lies in calmness. A very nice article about us and the origin of Bohicket. 

Bohicket in der Deco Home 01/2017

01/2017 - DECO HOME, City Life


Bohicket in der Schöner Wohnen 01/2017

01/2017 - SCHÖNER WOHNEN, New colours!

Lust. Once you have touched Bohicket's incredibly soft throws, you have to keep it.  

Bohicket in der Atrium 01/2017

01/2017 - ATRIUM Warmth

Finest fabric: Bohicket is a label for exquisite plaids and cushions manufactured from finest natural fibres.  

Bohicket in der Living at Home 01/2017

01/2017 - LIVING AT HOME, Fresh start

Three questions directed at Johanna Schulze-Smidt and Catharina Mende from Bohicket. 

Bohicket in der Zuhause Wohnen 01/2017

01/2017 - ZUHAUSE WOHNEN, News!

Deceleration with Bohicket's graphic plaids and cushions.  

Bohicket in der Myself 01/2017

01/2017 - MYSELF Live your best life!

Myself-Living-Guide: Bohicket is amongst the best 27 brands! 

Bohicket in Das ideale Heim 12/2016

12/2016 - DAS IDEALE HEIM, Alpenglühen

Finest fabric: Bohicket is a label for exquisite plaids and cushions manufactured from finest natural fibres.  

AD Architectural Digest online 12/2016

12/2016 - AD Architectural Digest online, The most beautiful blankets

Bohicket throw "Endless Sight" made of kid mohair and silk is AD's favourite.  

Bohicket in der Arcade 01/2017

01/2017 - ARCADE, Nordic Lifestyle

A wonderful article about Bohicket and the poetry of slowness.  

Bohicket im KaDeWe Magazin 11/2017

11/2016 - KaDeWe MAGAZINE

Bohicket - Newcomer in the Living Department! 

Bohicket im Neumarkt17 Magazin 11/2016

11/2016 - neumarkt 17 DOMANI

Small edition full of character: Bohicket is one of the manufacures showcased in Neumarkt 17 magazine.  

Bohicket in Das Einfamilienhaus 12/2016


Bohicket - Time for some cosiness 

Bohicket in der Couch 12/2016

12/2016 - COUCH Living News

Cosy combination 

Bohicket in der AD Choice 06/2016

06/2016 - ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST GERMANY, special issue magazine "AD Choice 2016"

Our woven blanket "Sliding Spaces" (80% Kid Mohair, 20% Silk has been selected as one of the 400 produkts of 2016. 

Bohicket in AD Online

02/2016 - AD MAGAZIN, online - „Top Ten Nachtgesellen“

Himmlischer Schlaf und alles, was man dafür braucht. Architectural Digest entführt in die Top 10 ins Schlummerland der (Wohn)-Träume. Dazu das richtige Gewand für die Bettstatt – Bohickets gewebte Plaids aus Kid Mohair und Seide gehören als Traumlagen dazu. 

Bohicket in The Heritage Post 01/2016

01/2016 - THE HERITAGE POST, Nr. 8

Die Heritage Post portraitiert Bohicket, die Produktion der Decken und die Visionen der beiden Gründerinnen. 

Bohicket im Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin


Bedeutende Dinge: Die leuchtenden Decken von Bohicket verschönern jedes Wohnzimmer. 

01/2016 - BRIGITTE, NR. 2

Hüttenzauber für zu Hause: Einkuscheln mit den Mohairdecken von Bohicket. 

Bohickets leichte und weiche gewebte Mohairdecken in der Heritage Post

11/2015 - THE HERITAGE POST, Nr. 7

Beate liebt Bohickets leicht und weiche gewebte Decken. 

Bohicket im Zeit Magazin, Heiter bis Glücklich, Bohickets gestrickte Merino Decken sind die Entdeckung für graue Tage

11/2015 - ZEIT MAGAZIN, Nr. 44 - „Heiter bis Glücklich“

Bohickets gestrickte warme bunte Merino Decke ist die Entdeckung für graue Tage.